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Q: How do I replace the battery?

A: You do not need to replace it! The light controller is powered by an internal, fully rechargeable lithium battery. Just plug the controller into the AC wall adapter when you need to power up. Based on regular usage, the battery should last 3-5 years or longer.

Q: How do I know when it's time to charge up the battery?

A: Every time the lights are powered on, the LEDs light up for two seconds to show how much battery life is left. For example, if 8 of 10 LEDs light up, the battery holds an 80% charge.

Q: How many different colours are there to chose from? 

A: The lights come with five (5) pre-set colours that users can select: red, white, blue, green, and rainbow (a steady gradient transition though all the colours). There is also a custom colour that users can create by holding down the colour button until the colour of your choice appears. This custom colour is then stored as a sixth colour selection, and can be changed at any time.

Q: How many controllers does the Aerial Plus require?

A: The Aerial Plus uses a single controller to operate and power both the Strips and Aerial portion of the system.

Q: How tight should the clamp be (on the Aerial & Aerial Plus)?

A: Tighten the universal clamp only so that the Aerial gooseneck is secure and does not slip or rotate on the frame of your mobility device. Be careful not to overtighten, as this can cause damage to the tube. Though an Allen key is provided, tighten the screws only until "finger tight." We recommend using a "star pattern," similar to tightening the lug nuts on a car wheel, to ensure an evenly distributed compression fit.

Q: I can't change flashing modes. What is happening?

A: This indicates that your battery is low, and that it is time to plug in the controller. Once it is charged up, you will be able to change flashing modes again as usual.

Q: How do I connect the cables? The connections seem stiff.

A: The super-durable waterproof connection of the cables sometimes require a bit of effort to connect, but this needs to be done carefully. Align the dots or arrows on the two ends of the cables, then push together firmly. Do not twist the cables while pushing, otherwise the alignment pins could be damaged. If you still cannot connect the cables by hand, use a low-heat hair dryer to warm up the receptacle end for not more than 10 seconds, and then try connecting. If you need to separate the cable connections, grip firmly close to the joint and pull apart. WATCH VIDEO

Q: Where is the best place to install the lights on my mobility device?

A: It depends on your needs! If you just want to personalize your device, anywhere exposed should be fine, as the superior brightness of the lights is sure to increase your visibility and vibrancy. From a safety standpoint, specifically raised illumination (Aerial) and lower level lighting (Strips) are recommended. Stay tuned for photos and diagrams that feature suggested effective light installation configurations on a variety of devices.